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Complete Client Database

A total presentation of all individuals within the system, divided into their appropriate categories: leads, members, resources, and more.

Configurable Tools

Cupid lets you establish questionnaire to gain the information you need in order to get inside of your client's minds - understanding what it is they truly want in a partner.

Date Engine

Using criteria of what each client is looking for can help you narrow down your results to find the best compatibility between members.

Resource & Sales Mgt

Recognize where your traffic comes from with resource management, then implement sales packages to reflect your client's needs.

Event Management

Run an online organizer and never miss an appointment again.


Recognize each matchmaker's patterns and find solutions where strengths are lacking.

Marketing Tools

Create messages for deployment from groups you've developed. Simply enter a message, select a group, and send.

Financial Overview

Take the hassle out of billing with tools that organize deadlines, payments, methods, and more.

Multi-Lingual Support

Le Connex offers supports multiple languages and offers multi-lingual client support. This means client profiles are translated for the matchmaker and allows matching of persons who speak different languages. Driven by Microsoft Translator, profiles can be presented in any of the configure languages.

Currently Supported Languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian